AW Services (Wales) Ltd offer a range of treatments before the final colour is applied to ensure the best possible finish for the client.

Removal of oil, dirt, lubrication greases and metal oxides is essential prior to the powder coating process, this can be done by a variety of chemical and mechanical methods. The selection of the method depends on the size and material of the part to be coated, the type of impurities to be removed and the performance required of the finished product.

These pre-treatments normally used are de-greasing, shot blasting and primers.


Primers can be applied before powder coating to ensure the best possible finish and good adhesion of the final colour. Our friendly and experienced staff will give an honest opinion of when a primer is needed or recommended


Any metal component that has been machined, drilled, swaged or sawn is likely to have some oil or grease on its surface. This oil and grease needs to be removed before coating and this is done in house by applying a cleaning agent either by spraying, brushing or wiping.